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Read below to learn more about our organization, goals and motives here at Hockey Buddies. We are grateful to be able to fuel this organization and give back to the Hockey community while making an impact on the families and youth who are involved within the Hockey world.

Hockey Stick and Puck


Hockey is routinely ranked as the most expensive youth team sport in the USA. As a result, it has grown into an exclusive sport with very low participation numbers compared to other team sports. For example, according to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, 324,000 kids played ice hockey in 2018 whereas over 4 million kids played baseball. We believe providing underprivileged children with the opportunity to play hockey will have an incredibly positive impact on their personal development. Not only will they be exposed to a terrific sport, they will be exposed to a terrific culture. Hockey emphasizes important values like: selflessness, discipline, accountability, and teamwork. All traits that will serve our recipients well in their future endeavors.


 Our model operates as a grant system similar to a typical educational scholarship program. The application process starts with our application form, and then we conduct informal interviews with the family, coaches, and/or teachers before selecting our recipients. These grants then go directly toward the recipient's team fees for a single season. We hope to build a strong, lasting relationship with the recipient and his or her family. The grant can be extended on an annual basis as long as the recipient is a good ambassador for our program. Currently, our target age for new applicants will be between the ages of 6 to 10 and there will be a possibility for a recipient to receive grants on an annual basis until the age of 17. Our target area will be Rochester, NY with plans to branch out to different areas in the state and the country in the near future.

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